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Bulk Roll: 2019 Pricing for Most Popular PVC Strip Materials
  1. Managing Director
All of our vinyl strip material and mounting hardware is proudly made in The United States of America.

NOTE: Most full-roll orders will ship in 2 business days.
Over 100 different combinations of widths, thickness, and color combinations available. Contact us if you do not see your particular need listed.

Need a roll of material cut to length and punched on 2 inch hole centers? 
Rip-a-Strip is the answer
Buy a full roll of PVC strip material that is perforated at your specific length (up to 16 feet) and punched at one end on 2 inch hole centers. The material is then re-wound onto the roll for easy storage and convenience.

Charge for processing a full roll: (4-5 business days for shipping)
$63 per full roll

Less expensive than individual replacement strips
 Two inch hole centers permits use on many styles of mounting hardware
 Quick availability to ship(normally 4-5 days)
 Easily removed from roll
 No need to cut with utility knife or drill individual holes
 Save 2-4 hours prep time per roll - just unroll and install