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Weather Seal

Save energy and keep out pests with our premium quality replacement weather seal for adjustable-height dock levelers. Choose either the flexible gray vinyl seal (WS-1) for normal applications, or the rigid aluminum retainer brush-type weather seal (WS-2) when added durability is required. As always, free samples of the WS-1 and WS-2 seals are available upon request.

WS-1 Weather Seal: This unique gray vinyl weather seal is ideal for adjustable height dock levelers with metal gasket retainer channels. Extruded with a 1.2" flexible sealing side and a 7/8" rigid retainer side, the WS-1 is the most economical weather seal for the job. Available immediately from stock, the WS-1 is available in 8' and 10' lengths.

WS-2 WeatherSeal  : Also well suited for adjustable dock levelers, this material can be used with or without a metal gasket retainer. Constructed with a 1" wide aluminum mounting side and 1 1/4" black nylon brush sealing side, this is the longest-lasting weather seal available. Each 8' length comes with mounting holes and screws for mounting the WS-2 to a variety of surfaces, or you can use it in an existing retainer.
There are over 30 different sizes and styles of weather seal available (retainer and brush) in addition to the one shown above.